Gathering Storms: Whirlwinds at a Year

“In the midst of a moment defined by international crises, community devastation, increasing injustice, and ruptures in the fabric of everyday life, winds of resistance continue to emerge and to circulate.”

As we wrote these words in the fall of 2009, there were a number of clouds on the horizon and the winds began to speak to us. Currently there are storms raging and new storms gathering. Team Colors created Uses of a Whirlwind: Movement, Movements, and Contemporary Radical Currents in the United States not just to inquire into currents in the United States, but with the sincere hope that an array of social forces would utilize the lessons contained therein toward launching their own initiatives. In June of 2010 Team Colors and AK Press launched the collection at – and some might say into – the US Social Forum in Detroit, and since this time both the text itself and collective members have been circulating the country.

At this important juncture, and to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the collection’s release, we want to offer the collection as one of many tools to inform current struggles.

Toward this end, and in addition to Whirlwinds, Team Colors published the companion volume Wind(s) from Below: Radical Community Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible. Both books have found their way into radical bookshops, study groups, class rooms, and community spaces as well as the arms of radicals across the United States, and both books are now available in the UK and Europe for radicals looking to understand current movements here.

Special 1-Year Anniversary Offer

To mark the anniversary of the collection’s release, we are running a special promotion: starting on May Day, the first twenty-five individuals to order Uses of a Whirlwind from AK Press will receive a free copy of Wind(s) from below AND a Whirlwinds poster, printed by Eberhardt Press and designed by Justseeds.

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