New Article: ‘To Care is to Struggle’ by Kevin Van Meter

Perspectives on Anarchist Theory, the journal of the Institute of Anarchist Studies, has recently published an issue on “care” which includes a contribution by Team Colors Collective member Kevin Van Meter.  An excerpt of the article — “To Care is to Struggle” — is below and you can obtain copies of this issue from AK Press here and the PDF of the whole issue is on the IAS website here.


(from the introduction) “Often lost in the slogans, chants, and feverish excitement of a street action, or the ideological and sematic battles waged by radicals, is the richness of human relations. It is the ‘in between’ of these relations – expressed, in part, as care – that reproduces both the social order and revolutionary movements.  For our purposes here, we are interested in the acts and activity that care is associated with, as in care-work, which is imposed by capital, and care-giving, hence as an activity of the commons.

This question of care can never be answered in the abstract, but only in the context of our lives, our stories, and the challenges that such lives and stories bring to bear.  Different minds and bodies react differently to crisis, trauma, and the common shocks of life; they are acted upon, imposed upon and produced differently as they fit into different relations of power – as gendered, racialized, sexualized, et. al. bodies; particular minds and bodies have different productive desires, resist differently, and produce new worlds together differently.  Here the intent is to interpret care-work and care-giving broadly.  Then focus on creating movements that address these experiences and realities generally and the need for creating practical and political initiatives that struggle against current conditions and limitations and toward new, liberatory paradigms of care.”