New Pamphlet: Occupied Zuccotti, Social Struggle, and Planned Shrinkage

Occupied Zuccotti, Social Struggle, and Planned Shrinkage is a recently released Team Colors Collective pamphlet and includes two articles: Panic! I See Poor People: Some Thoughts on Gentrification Efforts in Zuccotti Park and “The Civilian Version of Firebombing:” Planned Shrinkage and its Consequences in New York City – An interview with Deborah Wallace.

“The first piece is an essay written in November 2011 at the height of the Occupy struggle. The piece points to the frightening reality of social (dis)services and the decimated and punitive “safety net” programs in New York City, in context of service withdrawal discourse during the occupation of Zuccotti Park.

The second piece is an interview with Deborah Wallace, which Craig Hughes conducted in December 2011. Deborah Wallace and Rodrick Wallace have painstakingly researched and published on the development and impacts of planned shrinkage in New York City.  The interview draws out the historic process and meaning of planned shrinkage.”

Email panic [at] warmachines [dot] info to obtain a copy & we are requesting a small donation to cover printing and shipping costs.