Team Colors interview with Ashanti Alston becomes Pamphlet

This last summer, while perusing the tables at the Women of Color Zine Symposium held at Portland State University, we came across a copy of an interesting pamphlet.  Back in 2008 we conducted an extensive interview with Anarchist Black Panther and former political prisoner Ashanti Alston for the “In the Middle of A Whirlwind” project.  This interview ended up in Uses of a Whirlwind in an edited and shorter form.  The pamphlet in question, pictured to the left, is a print version of the original interview and includes a series of photos that complements Ashantis’ words.

We couldn’t be more excited that activists out of Portland thought highly of the interview and put this together.  For those interested in getting a copy contact SlushPilePress at xerylemountain [at] gmail [dot] com; and $3 plus $1 for shipping will get you one of these.