Portland Event: ‘Class Formation in Portland, Oregon: Notes Toward An Inquiry’ w/ Kevin Van Meter

Kevin Van Meter of the Team Colors Collective will be speaking at the Second Annual Resistance Ecology Conference at Portland State University.  The conference is being held from 27-29 June 2014 and the talk / workshop is titled Class Formation in Portland, Oregon: Notes Toward An Inquiry.

Talk / Workshop Description

The present moment is the result of forty-years of class struggle — in the United States and across the planet — with the working-class on the losing end.  This has taken many forms: stagnating wages, precarious employment coupled with unemployment, growing unwaged work, imposed austerity on social services and education, increasing debt, massive incarceration and ‘societies of control,’ violence against women and gender-non-conforming peoples, drug wars, culture wars, and other wars.  Portland is no exception and to any radical this information is not new.  But as anarchists, radical environmentalists, and revolutionaries we are confronted with questions: How do we understand the present moment?  How do we inquire into these conditions and realities?  How do we organize?  “Class Formation in Portland, Oregon: Notes Toward an Inquiry” won’t attempt to answer these, rather we will begin to develop better questions.  Following a short talk on class formation in the region — that is, the terrain on which working-class and poor communities grow and ecologies of resistance sprout — this workshop will draw on the participants experiences, prior organizing, and ideas to discuss a new — revolutionary, intersectional, queer, and ecologically conscious — class politics for the Portland region.

UPDATE: The Talk / Workshop is scheduled for Sunday, 29 June at from 10:00-10:50am at the 2nd Annual Resistance Ecology Conference conference held at Portland State University’s Smith Hall. Hope to see many of you locals there!

More on the conference is available on social media and there are a ton of great speakers including good friend of the collective scott crow.