Audio from Work & Related Problems: Workers Forum (Portland, OR)

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On Monday, 25 August 2015 at Portland Community College area organizations demanding higher wages, agitating to raise the minimum wage, fighting wage-theft, building worker power, campaigning against stolen security deposits and slumlords, gathered for a forum on the realities and struggles of the working class and poor peoples of the region. Following forty years of stagnating wages, rising rents, precarious employment and an unprecedented economic crisis, $15 Now PDX, High $5 PDX, Portland Solidarity Network, and Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project are necessary initiatives for developing a movement seeking solutions to these crises and problems. Short talks on the conditions and composition of the working class and poor peoples of the Portland region are followed by a panel of organizers speaking to the endeavors of each initiative.

$15 Now PDX
High $5 PDX
Portland Solidarity Network
Voz Workers’ Rights Education Project

More information on the forum at Team Colors website; all images designed by Eberhardt Press; recording by BMedia and editing by Meadbrook Studios.