Continuing Conversation on Anarchism with Principles

The Institute for Anarchist Studies is hosting a conversation between Team Colors member Kevin Van Meter and activist Scott Campbell on anarchism with principles.  Much appreciation goes out to the IAS for providing the space to have this discussion.

During a time of ecological crisis, unprecedented inequality and exploitation, the endless imposition of waged and unwaged work, and untold violence against people of color, immigrants, unhoused, women and gender non-conforming peoples, white revolutionaries in the United States have decided to direct their struggles inward.  To address this Van Meter suggests we should freely disassociate from radical movements, as they are currently composed.

Van Meter’s “Freely Disassociating: Three Stories on Contemporary Radical Movements” was generously replied to in Campbell’s “Towards an Anarchism with Principles: A Response to ‘Freely Disassociating.’”

To further the conversation on the proposal for anarchism with principles Van Meter replied with “A Response to Scott Campbell.”  As argued in the response, “Contemporary radical movements, we both concur, would benefit greatly from acting intentionally, reflecting frequently, responding reasonably, and criticizing thoroughly.”

In the coming weeks a follow up to “Freely Disassociating,” titled “Insurgent Islands: A Continuing Conversation on Anarchism with Principles,” will be circulated as well.