New Essay: “Insurgent Islands” by Kevin of Team Colors

Following the publication of “Freely Disassociating” by Perspectives on Anarchist Theory in June 2015, this new article by Kevin Van Meter of Team Colors advances an argument for anarchism based in commonly produced principles as a way of extending the call to disassociate from radical movements as they are currently composed.

Insurgent Islands: A Continuing Conversation on Anarchism with Principles,” begins by criticizing current radical movements: “Our increasingly ideological anarchism is defined by theoretical practices: the setting of ones own limitations rather than common horizons; obsession with imaginary relations instead of relations between anarchism’s collective imagination and the ability to collectivize them in the world; and there is not a Yes to many, many No’s reversing the call for ‘One No, Many Yeses.'”

“Insurgent Islands” remains confident in “undercurrents of desire / islands of insurgency,” the “rich, substantive history of revolutionary ideas and practices,” and the possibilities of the revolutionary project.  As an intervention, this “is an appeal for experimentation, for developing concrete strategies, and grounding our politics in lived experiences, using mechanisms such as community dialogues, and producing principles.”