Guerrillas of Desire author interviewed in Street Roots (Portland, OR)

Guerrillas of Desire author Kevin Van Meter was interviewed by radical journalist Stephen Quirke for a recent issue of the Portland, Oregon based Street Roots (4 August 2017). 


“We live in a society where everyone must work. If you don’t work to obtain a wage you starve, and you aren’t granted clothing or shelter. And, of course, we know from research conducted that many unhoused people are in fact working but just don’t make enough money to afford rent. So in a society that forces most of its members to work at jobs that aren’t fulfilling, that aren’t democratic, that don’t speak to their needs and talents and abilities and their possibility to grow, or when they are fulfilling we don’t have much control over them and the work process, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are those of us who refuse this ‘regime of work.'”

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