Guerrillas of Desire author on Labour Wave Radio (Corvallis, OR)

Kevin Van Meter, author of Guerrillas of Desire, joins the hosts of Labour Wave out of the Oregon State University in Corvallis to talk about graduate student organizing, everyday resistance, social reproduction and class struggle.


“LabourWave is an exploration of culture, politics, rebellion, and alternatives to capitalism recorded in Corvallis, Oregon.  On this episode of LabourWave, we speaker with writer/activist Kevin Van Meter, author of Guerrillas of Desire. We discuss how organizing should not presume working-class people are unorganized and apathetic (therefore making the job of the organizer to organize and activate the working-class), but how the history of life under capitalism reveals that resistance is constant and the working-class are actively pushing against their domination on an everyday basis.”


Take a listen.