Perspectives on Anarchist Theory reviews Guerrillas of Desire

The Institute for Anarchist Studies-based publication Perspectives on Anarchist Theory has published a review of Guerrillas of Desire by radical writer and translator Scott Campbell under the title “The Seeds of Anti-Capitalist Revolt Found in Everyday Resistance: A Review of Guerrillas of Desire.”


Campbell offers, “Van Meter assists in this advocacy by accessibly presenting an updated Autonomist Marxist perspective of the working class, expanding it, breathing life into, and imbuing it with its own power, separate from both capitalism and the official Left. As such, he allows readers who may toil in a variety of ways under capitalism to see themselves within the working class, conceptualize their activities as part of a broader resistance with a rich history, and inspire them to build on that legacy.”


Take a read at the IAS website and Its Going Down has republished the review here