Help Save Eberhardt Press

Our dear friend and comrade Charles Overbeck at Eberhardt Press is currently facing eviction of his press and neighboring businesses in a rapidly gentrifying Portland, Oregon.  For over ten years Charles has printed our (and many of your) posters, zines, flyers, and books. And now they need our support. Kick down what you can for this important radical institution and keep print alive!!

Eberhardt Press, an independent publisher specializing in craft printed materials for independent writers, artists, musicians, and local businesses. We provide technical support for other shops, equipment sharing for artists, and educational and occupational therapy for neurologically diverse students and artists. We support local suppliers and offer small and medium print runs at affordable prices for non-profits.

Background: Our building was bought out by a developer who initially told us they would renew the lease in March. Instead they terminated it. So we are raising funds to cover moving costs to a new space, in the two weeks they gave us, for all three of our businesses. This situation is also knocking the better part of a month out of all of our production schedules, which is devastating. Fortunately, thanks to our community looking out for us, we have a line on a new space in the same neighborhood. But need enough funds to cover securing the lease, getting our the equipment to the new location, and getting back on our feet and back to work. We can do this; we can save our businesses. But we need your help.
We have all separately been in business for a decade and share our maker space. We are heavily involved in skill sharing and providing services to our community networks, which include musicians, publishers, local businesses, artists, audiophiles, activists, zine makers, record labels, naturalists, writers, other small manufacturers and more.
Visit the Kickstarter page to donate.