“High Entropy Workers Unite!” Midnight Notes at Thirty

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“High Entropy Workers Unite!”

Midnight Notes at Thirty

A Team Colors Collective Article


When George Caffentzis wrote us on the twentieth of October with the request that we provide some commentary on thirty years of Midnight Notes and how the collective continues to say “something useful about contemporary reality” we were excited about the opportunity. But it then occurred to us: how do you even discuss a subject that rich? For us, Midnight Notes, along with Zerowork and the Wages for Housework Campaign, have provided key intellectual mentorship, and the lessons we’ve learned from reading writings under its name have been very wide in scope.  In these short comments we attempt to answer George’s request by providing our view on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the perspectives of MN for contemporary anticapitalist analysis and struggle. Our comments are brief and are made out of deep respect and comradeship, as well as a similar commitment to exiting capitalism with all deliberate speed.

Before we continue, an aside: as with any substantive organizing effort, revolutionary movement, or meaningful and engaged intellectual project, our encounter with and mentorship by members of MN is grounded in interpersonal relationships. Some of us in Team Colors met George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici, followed by Peter Linebaugh and others, as young organizers on suburban Long Island. Since the late 1990s, members of MN have supported us through early organizing campaigns, state repression, sudden death and the mourning that followed, as well as intellectual pursuits. It is relationships that developed during these moments, as much as any theoretical identification, that has deepened our respect for MN.

“High Entropy Workers Unite!” appears in Toward the Last Jubilee: Midnight Notes at Thirty, Craig Hughes (Ed.), (Brooklyn: Autonomedia & Washington, DC: Perry Editions, May 2010)

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Toward the Last Jubilee: Midnight Notes at Thirty includes the following contributions:

  • Introduction – Craig Hughes
  • From Midnight to Dawn: Permutations of a Crisis and the Comedy of the Commons – p.m.
  • Comments on Midnight Notes 30 Years – Steven Colatrella
  • Two Themes of Midnight Notes: Work/Refusal of Work and Enclosure/Commons – George Caffentzis
  • A Short Reflection on Midnight Notes – Chris Vance
  • High Entropy Workers Unite! – Team Colors Collective
  • An East Asian Mediator’s View of Midnight Notes Collective – Sabu Kohso
  • Beyond Walls and Cages: State Violence, Racism, and the Possibility of Abolition Economies – Jenna M. Loyd
  • Elegy for Midnight Notes? – Manuel Yang

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